Announcement of Autumn Tea, Pot Dashi Tea®

In the tea ceremony, "Kuchikiri no Chaji" is held in November.

“Kuchikiri no Chaji” means tencha leaves, which are the raw material for matcha, are stored in a teapot sealed with washi paper, cut open around the beginning of October on the lunar calendar, and hand-ground on the spot with a stone mill. It is a ceremony to have customers drink matcha. It is said that November is the New Year of the tea ceremony master because the new shoots that have been left to rest since May are taken out of the pot for the first time and drunk as matcha.

In connection with this tea ceremony, the new tea picked in May was stored in a low-temperature refrigerator as it was, and it was refrigerated this autumn. After one summer, the tea matures and becomes more mellow and richer in taste.Please enjoy the fragrance of tsubo-dashi tea in the deepening autumn.


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