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Since our founding in the 12th year of the Meiji era, we have carefully selected the highest quality teas produced in the Yamashiro region of the Uji and Kizu river basins, and have produced them using traditional methods.In the Muromachi period, the Ashikaga shogun recognized the quality of Uji tea and created an excellent tea plantation in Uji Village, which will later be called ``Uji Shichimeien''.Among the seven tea gardens, the “Okunoyama” tea garden, which is cultivated by us, is the only tea garden in existence today.We are the creators of tea, the craftsmen who make tea, and the connoisseurs who deliver delicious tea to people.As someone who is involved in all aspects of Uji tea, I am confident that I have something to convey. For those who want to know more about Horii Shichimeien Click here


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Horii Shichimeien Co.,Ltd.
Start a business
1879 (Meiji 12)
set up
1982 (Showa 57)
10 million yen
Chotaro Horii, President and Representative Director
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84 Uji Myoraku, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture 611-0021
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About guidance to our garden "Okunoyama tea garden"

In the Muromachi period, Shogun Ashikaga recognized the quality of Uji tea and designated seven excellent tea gardens in Uji, later known as Uji Shichimeien. The seven tea gardens that were written in a waka poem, "Mori, Iku, Umonji, Kawashita, Okunoyama, and the biwa that continues in the morning sun," have disappeared in the midst of urbanization, and are now cultivated by this garden. The Okunoyama tea plantation is now the only existing commercial tea plantation. In 1981, it was designated as one of Uji City's "100 Famous Trees", and in April 2015, it was also selected as a constituent cultural property of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Japan Heritage "800 Years of Japanese Tea History Walk". rice field.
A 10-minute walk from our company is one of the Uji Shichimeien tea gardens, Okunoyama, which has a history of 650 years.Feel free to visit the tea garden at any time through the fence.Please refrain from entering the tea garden.In addition, the stone monument "Okunoyama Uji Seven Gardens", which was established in the early Showa period, is located along the tea garden outer road, and you can also see it.If you would like detailed information about the tea plantation, please stop by the retail store and we will give it to you.

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