About our matcha

Ever since we invented Japan's first drying machine for tencha, the raw material of matcha, in 1924, we have continued to develop matcha as our main product thanks to our close relationship with matcha.The owner carefully selects tencha, which has a darker color and a mellow taste that is produced in river sand and alluvial lands, as well as fragrant tencha produced in the Yamate Highlands, and delivers matcha with an unchanging aroma and taste throughout the year.

The raw material tencha used is only the first tea grown in Kyoto Prefecture, which is grown under cover, and is ground with a stone mill, and the feature of our matcha is that it is additive-free. In addition, based on the belief that the best matcha is ground with a tea mill, all types of matcha sold are carefully ground in our garden using 80 tea mills, and we do not use any ground matcha. Hmm.

We promise to always deliver freshly ground matcha.Our matcha has been well received by people involved in tea ceremonies because of its vivid color, fragrant taste, and finely ground matcha.Recently, it is also used as an ingredient in Japanese and Western foods.


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Our garden original
Introducing the cultivars “Narino” and “Okunoyama” born from the Okunoyama tea garden

"Okunoyama Tea Garden" is a tea garden that has been cultivated for more than 600 years since it was transferred to our garden in the middle of the Meiji period. From the 600-year-old native tea plants planted there, we have spent 20 years since 1980 selecting excellent tea plants that can be handed down to the next generation. It is the mountain in the back.




Matcha "Narino"

"Narino" has nearly twice the content of theanine, the umami component of matcha, as compared to conventional varieties, and is characterized by a rich flavor and a full-bodied aroma that does not make you feel bitter or astringent. The amount of umami components from this component analysis led to the registration of the variety. In addition, even among "Narino", "Premium Narino" is a more refined product that is carefully done separately from tea picking to tailoring and sorting.




Matcha "Oku no Yama"

Nobuo V, who discovered the Okunoyama variety, commented, "There are no leaves this deep green. It's dyed just like natural gyokuro."It is characterized by its mild umami, deep green ground color, and strong aroma.In our garden, there is still only one old tree that is over 400 years old, which is the mother tree of this "Okunoyama", and it was propagated by cuttings from this mother tree.




Matcha "No Door"

``Mumon'' is made from ``Asahi'', a cultivar recommended by Kyoto Prefecture, and ground into matcha. "Asahi" is the best variety of tencha found in Uji, and is a high-quality tea that dominates the top ranks at tea competitions.A clear and strong aroma and a mellow and elegant taste are the wonderful characteristics of "Asahi".In our garden, we replanted "Asahi" in the first year of Reiwa and are cultivating it for the first picking in the 6th year of Reiwa.




Gyokuro “Oku no Yama”

Every year, we manufacture all the tea leaves of "Okunoyama" as tencha and sell them as matcha. Nari, we are producing "Gyokuro" under the request of a tea-rolling master in Uji-Shirakawa.In the first year of Reiwa, we exhibited at the Uji City Tea Competition Gyokuro category and won the "first prize".It is characterized by an elegant flavor and a strong aroma called ooiga.




In addition, we also handle matcha grown outside of the Okunoyama tea garden.
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